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While people must be honest and specific about their sins when they go to confession, they will miss the sacrament’s key grace if they are “completely mechanical” about listing their sins, Pope Francis said.

Confession is not a time for judgment, but for an encounter with the merciful God who is always ready to forgive those who seek pardon.

It is the point of personal encounter with God. “Where is the encounter” in that kind of confession, the pope asked, “the encounter with the Lord who reconciles,
embraces you and celebrates? That is our good God.”

Our God is a God of a second chance; the God who is patient with us. When
considering the sacrament, the first thing to remember is that God always forgives. He never tires of forgiving us.

Even if you have lived a life of many sins, of many ugly things, but in the end you are a bit repentant, ask forgiveness, He will forgive you immediately. He always

People often think that they must somehow buy God’s forgiveness, he said. But that is not true. You don’t have to pay anything because Christ has paid the price for us.

There is no sin that he won’t forgive. Like the father in the parable of the Prodigal Son, most of the time God will not even let you finish saying how sorry you are
before he embraces you and forgives you.

The Lord is kind and merciful.

Fr. Abraham



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