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This is certainly a time blanketed with uncertainties. The Coronavirus pandemic, no doubt, has changed our world and the way we do things. Although it is true that fire will not destroy gold, it is important to note that fire purifies the gold. Unfortunately, nothing brings luster to your character and commitment to your heart like tough time does.

When John was on the isle of Patmos, he was limited to a cave but free in his spirit (see Rev. 1). We may be experiencing physical restrictions at the moment but we are free in our spirit and the spirit. In fact, John’s predicament on the Patmos proves that negative circumstances reveal Christ, not veil Him. While in the dark, dismal, dark carves of suffering, surrounded by the sounds of other depressed prisoners, John caught a vision – a new face of Christ. A crisis can clear your perceptions as you behold His face.

As the fire of this pandemic forces us to make deeper levels of commitment, it is important that our faith be renewed to match our level of commitment. God is still with us.

I want you to know that even if circumstances contradict purpose, purpose will always prevail. It is the opposition that clearly demonstrate to you that God is working. If the fulfillment of God’s promise was without obstruction, you would assume you had merely received serendipity. However, when all indicators say it is impossible and it still occurs, then you know God has done it again.

Yes, God is still with us.

Fr. Abraham


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