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Have you considered whether your mind is open and free to explore the path that God has set for you? Or are you going through life like your brain is chained? My dear, free your mind and you will create a mental and spiritual environment for yourself.

Yes, it’s time for a reset! Examine yourself. Know what you believe. Know your ideas. Know what you stand for and know what has shaped your beliefs and ideas.

It is time to deepen your spiritual roots. Change your spiritual influence. Just because you are religious doesn’t mean that you don’t need to update your faith intake. Listen, feeding your spirit is much like gassing up for a long trip.

I want to encourage you to begin to hang-out more with people who can help you think and recharge. In fact, I would say, quit taking advise from people you don’t want to be. Engage in activities that can really help you mentally and spiritually. Start doing things that add value to your life. Listen, you will never discover what else you are, if you stay in one place. This truth is, people put a “period” where God put just a “comma.” I think you are more than you know.

Take a close look at your daily schedule, are you spending your time wisely or are you wasting your time? Why not make a chart and see what you do more, what you do less and what you don’t do at all. Remember, every day is a withdrawal from the bank of time.

May the graces of Advent help us realize what really matters in our lives.


Fr. Abraham



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