The Rite of Baptism

Contact: Pastor Fr. Jose Jacob

The Rite of Baptism is offered to infants and young children of parents in our parish. Contact the parish office to set up an appointment with Father.   In general, those requesting the Baptism of the child should be Catholics in good standing with the Church, attend a Catholic parish regularly, and have the ability and intention of raising the child within the precepts of the Catholic Church.  If you have questions concerning your child's eligibility for Baptism please contact the parish office and arrange to speak with Father.  There may be extenuating circumstances regarding your child's circumstances which Father explore with you.


The Rite of Baptism for adults is offered as part of the concluding exercises of RCIA (the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults).  If you wish information concerning adult Baptism, please contact the parish office and arrange an appointment with Father.